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No Assessment Fees On All Repairs Promotion - What Is It?

This is a service that we provide to anyone who has a faulty, damaged or otherwise non-working piece of IT equipment. Whether it is a laptop, desktop, printer, tablet, projector, server, mobile device - we will have a look at the faulty unit, assess the damage to see what is wrong and provide a quotation on what is required for your beloved piece of IT equipment to be fully operational once more - we do this all FOR FREE.
The Assessment period takes 2-3 working days once the faulty unit is booked in.

How To Book Your Faulty Unit In - The Process:

Where To Book Your Faulty Unit In:

We have branches across South Africa for your convenience. If you wish to see the closest PartServe branch in your area, please click here.

What Do You Require To Book Your Faulty Unit In:

When booking your faulty unit in for a free assessment, ensure the AC adapter, cartridges and any other accessories are provided along with the unit.

How To Track Your Progress: